Saturday, December 30, 2017 my daughter!!

A dress by my dear daughter!!!..

My 12 year old daughter joined the dress bandwagon yesterday. She made her dress in just 3 hours for a dinner outing on Christmas day!!....

She used to be afraid of adding sleeves to her garments, but yesterday when she completed the set sleeves, and the whole dress she was so happy and woke me up from my afternoon nap....mum, mum see my dress... , and I woke up to see this beautifully made dress...So proud of you darling.. She's my fashionista in the


You are hereby invited to join our express dress bandwagon.... 

Wishing you all a Fantastic 2018!!!

Fabulously Yours.....Omo~Esho

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Friday, December 22, 2017

Little Red Dress!

The Story of My Less Than 2 Hours Dress! 1hr 37 min Dress!

Yes, that's correct, and I broke my 2 hours record too.
To say I have been busy is an understatement, I have been extremely busy in all phases of my life... but you know what? I am sincerely grateful to Almighty God....

Last week was our end-of-the-year party at work, and I was prepared to wear a particular red dress I made sometimes ago, I was certain it was somewhere on the hanger in my closet, I wasn't ready to make any dress because there was no time, I was looking forward to wearing a dress for a change as I have been in jeans and full PPE on work sites for almost 2 weeks.

The party was to start at 6pm, and it will take about 30 min drive from home to the venue. I got home at 2:30 pm, did all the needful, and went to get the dress, I searched my closet, every nooks and cranny but couldn't find my dress, at 3:15pm I told hubby that I will search for another 15 mins after which I will start to make another dress.... You should have seen the look on my husband's face… :) Like what kind of woman are you? lol but I didn't give him any chance to persuade me further.

At 3:30pm I went straight to the studio, went through my fabric stash and saw this beautiful red lace, just about 2 meters but 60" wide, I had drafted an A-line sleeveless pattern in summer, I placed pattern on fabric, cut the sleeves, and used the 180-degree circle method to cut the sleeve flounce....

Started sewing at about 3:45pm or so, and at exactly 5:07 pm I completed the dress, I even had time to take some photos. Left the studio, dressed up, and at 5:35 pm we left for the venue, got to the venue at 6:10pm, in fact we would have been there earlier if not for the traffic....

Fabric cutting, sewing and pressing - 3:30 pm to 5:07 pm, took me exactly 1hr 37min from start to finish... I am super duper :).  I finished the neck with bias binding, but left the sleeve flounce edges raw, the flounces are cut on bias anyway so they wont fray, but might finish it later, but for now.... I am one happy camper, not only did I get a lot of compliments, but you should have seen the way my hubby was bragging about it too.. 😊 😊.,Story of my dress eh!

Happy Holidays to you all and looking forward God’s willing to a Fabulous 2018!!!
Fabulously Yours - Omo Esho!!!

Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Burda 6891.... Vintage Fashion.

60's and 70's Fashion. I think those who grew up in these era got some styles right . To get a feel of their style I bought this lovely European pattern. Burda 6891...

Burda is my go to pattern for PANTS, I think European pants patterns are well drafted to suit any shape. Although you will still need to do some modifications , I still believe their 'crotch' length are usually drafted well for the extra back load, or high hips, and for ladies with some curves... 

For the record, I shortened the front crotch length by 2", lengthened the hem by 2" and shortened the top sleeve to just above my elbow..

What do you think about this vintage style?...Classy eh!!!.... 

Have a great week ahead, and don't forget to look and sew fabulously..

Fabulously yours ~ Omo-Esho

Somebody shout Hallelujah!!

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Monday, November 27, 2017

Pattern Drafting 101…..Pattern Block, Sloper, Basic Pattern…..….

Do you know all styles, and designs originate from some basic patterns called SLOPERS, or BLOCKS?
There are stages to pattern making, or fashion designing, and there are industry standards to be followed, you can either make your pattern blocks using these standards, or buy already made pattern blocks which have been drafted and tested to industry standard, and start from there.

In some of the free online tutorials and groups, all you have been taught is how to draft Sloper, and some are not drafted to standards or correctly.
Slopers do not have seam allowances, ease or style allowances, they are just basic building block drafted to individual measurement. Examples of basic Slopers as illustrated below are front & back bodice, sleeve, skirts and pants.
With a well drafted Sloper, you graduate to dart manipulation, pivoting, styling, alteration to fit different shapes and sizes, etc, and with this knowledge you can come up with any style of your own.

I do not have anything against free hand cut, and kudos to those that learned that way, in fact with some simple styles I use free-hand straight on the fabric but there is “limitation” to free-hand. 
High-end designers, pattern makers, ready to wear designers all start from the building block called “SLOPER”.
A Sloper is like a building foundation, if you draft it correctly, your styles will come up perfect and fit well. If you do not want to draft yours, you can also buy basic Sloper patterns, and start your designs from there……..Hope this helps…....Have a great week.......

Fabulously Yours.... Omo-Esho

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