Friday, April 24, 2009

Finally a dress.......

It's been over two years of sewing, and I finally made a dress........ I used Newlook 6429, faux wrap dress.
This is a simple pattern with lots of review on PR.. I used one of the knit fabrics I got at Joann's to make this lovely dress.

Back View: Both front and back hem are even.

Fabric: Matte Jersey

Pattern Description: Misses six sizes in one.

Pattern Sizing:Size A 8-18. I cut size 14 in the bodice and traced up to 18

Did it look like the photo/drawing on the pattern envelope once you were done sewing with it? almost, except that the gathering is to the right in mine.

Were the instructions easy to follow? Very easy to follow and I used it throughtout.

What did you particularly like or dislike about the pattern? straightforward instruction and different styles of dress you can make with one pattern.

Pattern Alterations or any design changes you made: I made some alterations. With all RTW skirt or dress I buy, the back hem is usually shorter than the front, because there is no extra allowance built in for the "back load" lol.

(1)So I made a 1" wedge on the back pattern .

(2)I raised the neck by 1" so that the girls remain rightly in their place and offer no free show.

(3)Interfaced the neck-facing and used steam a seam to glue it down so it lies flat with no gaping.

(4)I interfaced the hemline for a nice finishing.

1" wedge on the back pattern

Neck raised by 1"

Dress inside-out

Would you recommend it to others?I will recommend it to others . It' an easy dress with great instruction, and it can be dressed-up or down whichever way you want it.

Conclusion: I just love this dress, I will be wearing it to work tomorrow. I guess I will make one more version before I retire the pattern.

How I determined the 1" wedge:

Hi sewshy,

I already answered this question on your blog, but for others who might want to know why I used the 1" wedge..

I determined the 1" wedge by first making a muslin. I didn't make muslin for this dress though, but the first skirt I made sometime ago, I made a muslin and I slashed through the highest hill (backload) on the back , then, put a 1" wedge to see if it will correct the problem, which it did. So I measured from my waist to the hill to know where to be slashing my subsequent project. which for me it's about 8" rom my waist.

Once I measure 8" from my waist , I slash through and put a 1"wedge. I did this for my skirt, and the brown pant I made a while ago, and it's been correcting this so far.

Hope this answers your question.

~ Aminat


  1. You did a greeat job, I love the fabric.

  2. You look amazing in that dress.

  3. The dress looks good on you. Great workmanship.
    Joyce in NC

  4. Very cute dress! It looks great on you!

  5. You look great in that dress. I love the fabric choice.

  6. Fabulous! Great fabric, and the dress looks really nice on you. How did you know what size wedge you needed in the back piece to accomodate the "load"?

  7. Very cute. I like the idea of a faux wrap as it doesn't use as much fabric.

  8. The dress looks great! You did wonderful job :)

  9. I love your dress, it looks wonderful on you. Really nice fabric too.

  10. This was such a great post. I am so appreciative of the description of your adjustments and then...PICTURES of those exact adjustments!! Yay! For someone trying to make the same adjustments, this was great. Thanks so much!

  11. Great looking dress. I must be the only person on the planet who has not made this dress. Everyone who makes it always has a beautiful creation. I love your knit fabric, I never find this type of knit at my JoAnn's.

  12. Your dress looks great. Thanks also for the pictures of your adjustments. I'm so intimidated by adjustments. I guess that's the main reason I haven't sewn for myself. I'm doing lots of reading so I can be ready to sew for myself.

  13. Very nice dress and nice colors, too. :-) Keep up the good work.

  14. wonderful dress! U look great. Perfectly fit on u. Nice job!

  15. Thank you all for all your wonderful comments

  16. this is so cute!
    I remember several years ago when i was still a beginner and I tried to make this pattern, girl I screwed it up so bad that it discouraged me from sewing and i got back on the horse but never came back to this pattern. I'm going to try it again because it's so cute on you!

  17. I love your dress and fabric - and your POSE! Way to match the model ;-) as well you should. I have this pattern and a couple different knits in my stash; I do believe it needs to be next on my list. Thank you for all the great photos and info!